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Employers/Home Owners

We know you wouldn't have much trouble figuring out the various options, but even so, here is a step by step tutorial of how best to go about it.


Registering yourself as a new user is an easy part. All you need to do is to fill in the registration form that comes up with the details that is asked of you. Choose a username and a password and you are well on your way to step two.

Note: Make sure you don't miss-spell your email id as you will be receiving the confirmation mail which activates your account here.


Once you have activated your account, you can start creating your profile. You will be asked for a functional mobile phone number as well as a document identifying yourself. This is to put a check on bogus registrations.

While creating your profile, it is advised that you include as much information about yourself as possible. Remember, the more information you give about yourself, the more credible you will look to the people who reply to your job offerings.


Now that you have made sure that your profile is updated, you can start posting whatever jobs you need to get done. Being a website catering to the blue-collar community, feel free to post anything or everything that you need done. Job offers can range from skill works like gardening, plumbing computer repair etc. to lengthy contract works like a home renovation.

Here again, try to include as much details as possible. This helps you restrict the number of applicants and more importantly, eases your task of finding the appropriate person to take up the job.

Also, in case of complex works, it would be better if you can include pictures and dimensions of the work you need to get done. This too helps refine your search and ensures that skilled people notice your offer.

Well, what are you waiting for? You can start posting here.


Imagine a situation wherein you not just require a job done, but would also like to know the cost involved. All you have to do is use the 'Get Quotes' option, and list the thing you need done. Based on your request, EnquireKerala then notifies all relevant tradesmen and businesses with the details you have mentioned. Interested parties can then get back to you with their respective quotes helping you make an informed decision.

You can also set a deadline to your call for quotes to make sure that you give a fair chance to all.

By the way, the Quotes feature isn't limited to household chores, you can also use the feature for ordering anything, from electronic items like TVs, washing machines to bulk ordering of cement and paint. Our network of businesses will ensure that you get the best deal on whatever it is that you need.

You will find quotes from interested parties under 'Received Quotes'.


“So how do I know the one on the other end is trustworthy?” you may ask.

Well, it's a tough question, but we know how you can ensure you are not cheated. Honesty is one of the parameters we emphasize upon, and one we hold close to our hearts. And it is with this in mind that we use the 'Rating's feature on each and every one of our employees and employers, including home-owners and businesses.

By checking the 'rating’ possessed by the particular employee or employer, one can have a fairly good understanding of their past dealings. But there can also be people with no ratings. In such cases, it is advised that one contacts the particular service provider and be personally satisfied with their dealings before handing over the particular work.

A particular employee or employers 'rating' can be found in their profile.


Before handing over a work to someone, make sure you are satisfied with the particular tradesman or business. There is no shortage of skill at EnquireKerala, and so, there is no reason you should ever have to compromise!


Based on your interaction with a particular employee or employer, including home-owners and businesses, you can also rate them. The exercise, though it doesn't yield any immediate result, is important since this serves as a warning to future employees/employers planning to work for/hire the person/business in question.

You can rate a person/company on the basis on quality, reliability and other value added services.

Also, make sure that you only give honest ratings, be it a bad one or a really good one. This helps in keeping cheats at bay, while at the same time rewarding the good and honest people.


Trademen And Other Workers

No, we don't mind you testing out the site yourself. But in case you get stuck, the chances of which are slim, here's how you should proceed:


Like with physical registration forms, here you will be asked for general details regarding yourself. You will require a functioning email, a phone number and also a proof of identity.

You will be receiving an email confirmation to activate your account. Once this goes through, you can update your profile based on whatever experience you have.

Note that your profile page will be visible to everyone. So make sure that you enter as much information about you as possible.

 2.Receive Job alerts

Based on the information you have provided, you will start receiving job notifications via mail or SMS. Jobs will be specific to your trade and location, and the requirements as mentioned by the employer.

You can also 'Submit Quotes' if you feel that you are capable of handling a particular job posted by an employer. However, in such cases, the final call rests with the employer.

 3.Search for jobs

In case you don't feel like waiting for new notifications, you can always check out our website for new jobs. Using various search parameters, you can sift through the various opportunities.

In case you find something suitable, you can also contact the particular employer via mail, or directly in case he has provided contact info, and proceed to take up the job.

 4.Request quotes for products

Registering as a tradesman doesn't limit you from requiring the services of other tradesmen or businesses. And it is with this in mind that we have included the 'Request Quotes' option for tradesmen as well.

For example, to buy a TV, you can request for quotes from dealers through the website. Once you have received the quotes, you are then free to choose whichever dealer who has given you a better deal.

 5.Get reviewed

An important feature that differentiates good workers from idle slackers is our 'Rating's feature. And so, it is always in your best interests to get good ratings so that you can better your job prospects at EnquireKerala.


Businesses stand to gain a lot from EnquireKerala. And here's how you should go about it:


From the registration page, select the 'Register as a business' option. Once here, you will be asked to choose a username and password to complete the registration. You will also need a functional email id to which an activation mail will be sent by EnquireKerala.

2.Profile Creation

As is usual with individual profiles, a business' profile page serves as the first point of contact with a potential customer. And so, it is always in your best interest to keep it equipped with whatever information you have at hand. You can upload pictures of your office space, as also records of your previous work, certifications and other information as you may deem necessary.

3.Dealing with Quote Requests

Based on their nature, quotes can be of two kinds: services and products.

Quote requests for services can include anything and everything, ranging from projects like painting one's house to a seemingly trivial plumbing job.

Requests for products, on the other hand, are more straightforward and much more easier to quote your price. Being a marketplace of both odd and regular goods, you will find requests for all types of stuff; like TVs, washing machines, sacks of cement and even the equipments for a car paint job!

Based on the location and the kind of request (products/services) made by the user, quote requests will be sent to you as mail alerts. Keep in mind that you have a proper understanding of what the customer requires before you decide to quote a price. You will be provided with the contact details of the customer and so, you can contact the customer before submitting your quote..

Remember, once you commit to a price, you have to stick with it no matter what. And so, it is advised that you do a proper background check before committing

 4.Client makes the final call

Once the quote period has expired and the customer has received quotes from all interested parties, he/she will decide whom to hand over the particular work to. The selected company isn't necessarily the one which offered the lowest price. People usually make decisions based on inquiries, and this choice too might have been the result of such an inquiry.

5.Get Rated

Improving your Rating should be one of your long-term goals as long as you are with us. This is necessary because in most cases, customers prefer to opt businesses that are experienced and more importantly, share a sense of goodwill. So as soon as you deliver upon your promise, ask your customer to rate your work on EnquireKerala. In case the feedback received is negative, rather than fret, make sure that you improve your service next time.