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Trademens And Other Workers

No, we don't mind you testing out the site yourself. But in case you get stuck, the chances of which are slim, here's how you should proceed:



Like with physical registration forms, here you will be asked for general details regarding yourself. You will require a functioning email, a phone number and also a proof of identity.

You will be receiving an email confirmation to activate your account. Once this goes through, you can update your profile based on whatever experience you have.

Note that your profile page will be visible to everyone. So make sure that you enter as much information about you as possible.

Receive Job alerts

Based on the information you have provided, you will start receiving job notifications via mail or SMS. Jobs will be specific to your trade and location, and the requirements as mentioned by the employer.

You can also 'Submit Quotes' if you feel that you are capable of handling a particular job posted by an employer. However, in such cases, the final call rests with the employer.

Search for jobs

In case you don't feel like waiting for new notifications, you can always check out our website for new jobs. Using various search parameters, you can sift through the various opportunities.

In case you find something suitable, you can also contact the particular employer via mail, or directly in case he has provided contact info, and proceed to take up the job.


Request quotes for products

Registering as a tradesman doesn't limit you from requiring the services of other tradesmen or businesses. And it is with this in mind that we have included the 'Request Quotes' option for tradesmen as well.

For example, to buy a TV, you can request for quotes from dealers through the website. Once you have received the quotes, you are then free to choose whichever dealer who has given you a better deal.

Get reviewed

An important feature that differentiates good workers from idle slackers is our 'Rating's feature. And so, it is always in your best interests to get good ratings so that you can better your job prospects at EnquireKerala.