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    In a world where being connected has attained a meaning in itself, EnquireKerala is an earnest effort to revolutionise conventional methods of job-hunting or employee-hunting for blue-collar workers. Internet has come about to become an integral part of our lives, but still, much of our working community remains cut-off from this amazing invention. Equipped with this insight, we have managed to create a state-wide network of employees and employers, including businesses and home-owners, in a way that benefits them all. With our unique 'Quote' option, it can be said that each of our member is a job-giver as well as a taker ; in short, everyone wins! Registered under Shamrock Info Solutions with operating base in Angamaly, Ernakulam, we hope to address this deficit, or as we would like to see it, the opportunity to serve the community by being the platform which connects people with businesses.

   At this point, it would even be safe to say that we are the first in Kerala, or India for that matter, to embark upon such an endeavour. Talent is plenty in our state. Employers too are in plenty. It is this realisation that brought three friends from Kerala together, to launch EnquireKerala. With a good bit of professionalism accrued over years of experience working in India and abroad, we bring to the table that extra bit of professionalism that has evaded this sector for all these years. It is our belief that the lack of this professionalism is the reason behind the sad state of affairs of blue-collar workers in our state.
Join us today to learn how you stand to benefit with EnquireKerala.